Advimago - Center for Advanced Oral Imaging
Parking Possibility
  1. Rue Emile Claus 42 and surrounding streets

    It is possible to find parking in front of the building and in the streets near Advimago. These parking spaces do not require a parking fee, but are limited in number.

  2. Avenue Louise

    Along the Avenue Louise there are alot of parking spaces. These are close to the Advimago building, but require a parking fee.

  3. Underground Parking Garage Bascule

    At the end of Rue Emile Claus, there is a large underground parking garage. There will always be available parking spaces in this garage, but also require a parking fee.

Parking Possibility
Rue Emile Claus 42, 1050 Ixelles
Tel: +32 (0)2 644 46 44
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