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CONE BEAM CT (CBCT) CERTIFICATION changed to a 5-day training course
Starting 2012, Certification for the use of Cone Beam CT in Belgium can be obtained following a 5-day CBCT training course. The Federal Agency of Nuclear Control (FANC) grants an extension to the Certification of x-ray use in dental diagnostics after following this course. The contents of the course have been based on the advice (8705) of the Superior Health Council in Belgium, and following the European Guidelines (SedentexCT Guidelines on CBCT for Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology).
Advimago Training Center offers an officially recognized 5-day course in order to obtain an official CBCT certificate, allowing to apply for the CBCT extension. The course covers all fundamental aspects of CBCT use in dentomaxillofacial diagnostics and consists of 5 consecutive modules, which can be followed separately. Only when attending all modules, certification from the FANC can be requested. However, when certification is not of main concern, participants can follow each module of interest separately at their convenience.
PART 1: Modules focused on the prescriber

Module 1: CBCT basic course: introduction and basic interpretation (1day)
This introductory course covers the basics of CBCT technology, 3D diagnostics and basic interpretation.

Module 2: CBCT Advanced Diagnostics and Image Analysis (1day)
This course is intended for clinicians willing to learn more about advanced 3D diagnostics and image analysis (how to manipulate 3D images).
PART 2: Modules focused on the practitioner or for deeper knowledge of prescribers

Module 3: CBCT in Clinical practice (1day)
This module is intended for clinicians wishing to gain a deeper knowledge on CBCT imaging and its use in clinical practice. The trainee will learn to use different CBCT systems with exercises of image quality assurance (dose-image quality optimization) and justification for adequate decision-making. A first hands-on experience of CBCT imaging on patients is included where trainees will learn how to report on 3D images (both general & introduction of more advanced diagnostic cases).

Module 4: CBCT in Clinical practice - Internship (1day)
This module is intended for clinicians wanting to gain a more advanced hands-on experience on using CBCT technology and apply it in clinical practice. The trainee will use CBCT in a clinical environment following adequate justification criteria, exposure settings and image quality guidelines (together with an experienced dentomaxillofacial radiologist). The trainee will gain a more advanced knowledge on image manipulation (advanced image analysis, reformatting and 3D visualization) and how to report on more advanced cases (head and neck) to complete his training in oral and maxillofacial 3D diagnostics.

Module 5: CBCT in Specialized Practice (1/2 day)
This course will provide clinicians with a deeper knowledge of CBCT imaging in specialized dental practice. Several subdisciplines can be followed separately but only one subdiscipline is required for certification.
    • CBCT in Implantology and Guided Surgery
    • CBCT for Endodontics
    • CBCT for Orthodontics
PART 3: FINAL EXAMINATION (2 blinded case reports) (ON-LINE)
All modules can be followed separately. Only by following ALL MODULES and completing the final examination successfully, the clinician will be able to obtain his CBCT certificate from the FANC, allowing the use of CBCT technology in clinical practice.
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