Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I log in to the online agenda?

    To be able to log in the online agenda, it is necessary to register first. This can be done from the startup screen of the online agenda. You will be asked for your RIZIV number and contact details.

  2. How do I register a patient?

    Patient details are automatically stored in our database. After you have logged in, select Advimago as your specialist. The next window will allow you to searh for your patients using their contact details.

  3. How do I make an appointment for a patient?

    Once you have found the patient in our agenda, choose a doctor, Advimago in this case, and a research field in the left upper corner. Next, choose the preferred date and the available slots will show up on the main screen.

  4. What do I have to do when a slot has been selected?

    Once a slot has been selected, the agenda will ask for an explanation on your choice. It is important to always give an explanation.

    A small explanation:

    • CBCT:

      1. specify if it's for upper jaw/maxilla, lower jaw/mandibula or both (MAX and/or MAND)
        e.g. upper (maxilla) or lower jaw (mandibula) or both (MAX and/or MAND)
      2. specify if it's for Sinus Maxillaris (SINUS)
        e.g. Maxillary Sinus (SINUS)
      3. specify if it's for the joint of the jaw: temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
        e.g. temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
      4. specify tooth region
      5. specify reason: PRE-IMPLANT, ENDO, ORTHO,...

      Full example:

      CBCT MAX, ENDO 46
      TMJ, Right

    • DUAL SCAN:

      specify MAX and/or MAND

    • CEPH:



      1. specify the region of the preparation
      2. specify the needed restoration technique: Cast Metal, Gold, PFM, Full Ceramic (Cercon, Empress, Lava, Procera)
        e.g. xxx, Gold, PFM, All Ceramic
      3. specify the labo